I’ll tell you what I want…what I really REALLY want

……an Hermes Birkin bag!


But who doesn’t? This might sound overly typical, and frankly, I’m not ashamed of that. One day, when I am hugely successful and I want to reward myself, I will get my very own Birkin.

(fingers crossed…yes, I dream big)

Until then, I’m fakin it.

So my boss and her sisters recently went to England to visit family (which just so happens to be the BF’s family). Luckily, they brought me back an amazing present! Honestly, I would’ve been pleased with a keychain saying “I love London” but that’s just because I’m a touristy loser and I love the little things in life. Of course, I was blown away by what they actually gave me.

I’ll start with the bag. Feast your eyes, ladies and gents.


She’s a beaut, isn’t she?


That’s a pretty darn good Birkin lookalike, don’t ya think? Gosh, I love her.

One thing you should know about me is when I really love something, I can’t stop looking at it. I always have to have that something in my peripheral vision, on my person, or in my presence. Needless to say, I immediately put my stuff in this bag and it hasn’t been empty since.

Thanks to the Atlanta Activewear girls and my fabulous bag…I’m another step closer to being just like the fashionable Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.


Do you see the resemblance?? Maybe squint a little (tehehe).

 A real Birkin is what I want…what I really really want.

But I’m feelin’ really really good with what I got for now.

There will be more blog posts about my presents from England to come soon! So stay tuned my friends.

I’ll be sure to Instagram a pic of my outfit later! I’ll totally be wearing the bag. Follow me @ emmafakesit and look for my #OOTD.

Happy 4th!



Minty Fresh

For some reason, I am a blue-colored girl through and through! I love a good royal blue, baby blue, teal, turquoise (of course), but my new-found love is definitely a minty blue. Some might argue that “mint” is considered a green. Well, I agree to an extent. The best thing about mint is that it comes in all different shades. I have a pair of mint shorts that seem to have more of a hint of green than blue. I’ll be sure to post them soon!

Well, I found this new mint/gray striped cardigan the other day and it couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve already worn it a couple of times and the compliments are endless. My favorite part about cardis is that you can wear them with any outfit and they seem to pull it all together, especially when they are a bold color. I thought the peach necklace complements the cardigan as well. What do you think??



Cardigan: TJMaxx; Tank: Bordeaux S Tank; Jeans: AG Jeans; Necklace: Forever 21 (similar); Purse: Forever 21; Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

Happy Wednesday!

Color the World

If there’s anything I love in life, vivid colors are definitely in my Top 5. Unfortunately, I don’t embrace this love as much as I should. To kick off the summer right, I splurged a little bit and made my way to Forever 21 and TJMaxx to stock up on some goodies.

On the first official day of Summer, I had a busy morning at my internship, then headed straight to work at Atlanta Activewear until 8pm and immediately went on a date with the BF. With this hectic schedule, I knew I needed to wear something light and breezy without being too revealing for the office. So, I sported my new purple, hi-lo dress from Forever. It’s definitely a good find, and it’s super comfy too! And of course, none of my outfits are complete without gold accents.


I decided to put my J.Crew gold belt with the dress in order to cut the color a little bit. I added my new tan woven clutch from Forever (one of my newest obsessions!) to add another element to the ensemble. The gold flower studs are from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s (on sale for $7!!!). As for the arm candy, I stuck with my trusty Michael, David, and Kate trio. I thought the accessories were enough to accent the outfit, without overcoming it…


As much as I love Atlanta during the Summer, the heat can kill me sometimes. Lucky for me, I work at an activewear shop where I can pass off wearing spandex and lime green bras underneath see-through tops. I added my new Kelly green cardi from TJMaxx to the leggings/t-shirt combo. It’s light enough to wear in the hot sun, but essential in any overly-air conditioned building. I threw on my gold Alexis Bittar bracelet,Sam Edelman gladiators and chevron-printed Sweatyband and I was ready for the day! Fitness fashion at its finest.



Love, Emma