LumberJane Style 101

Alright. I’ve tried to avoid the flannel trend for a few years now. I always loved the way fashionable girls looked in the oversized buttondowns, but I didn’t think it was quite my style to wear plaid.

I would see MK and Ashley rocking the oversized ones…

And girls on Pinterest looking so cool…


But once I found an amazing deal in the young men’s section of Kohl’s the other day, I’m a changed girl. Not only is the buttondown the softest thing ever, it is also the perfect amount of warmth for the up-and-down temperatures in Valdosta.

After some debate about which plaid color I should get, I decided on red. It’s the classic color, it goes with a lot, and I need more red in my life. Especially since  the Gray Cloud is in full effect right now (I’m a sucker for a good gray sweater!).

Go ahead. Call me Lumberjane. I’m proud of my new purchase. And for $17, you would be too. I paired it with my chunky, grey cable knit circle scarf from Festivity, jeans from Forever21, and my fav Steve Madden boots.

I was so warm and cozy while I was in class all day. With the size large flannel, it was like I had my pajamas on. Heaven.

I wonder which color I’ll get next….

I hope ya’ll had a fun and safe Halloween!


Not So Plain Jane

I’m so happy to be able to feature my very own sister and style role model for this edition of

Who What Wear Wednesday!

As I’ve said before, Jane has definitely taught me everything I know about shopping on a dime…or a penny.  Not to mention, she has the BEST style out of everyone I know. You think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

You know those people who are always dressed perfectly for the occasion, when you stress out about what to wear for AGES and you’re still not confident about your outfit? Yeah, well. Jane is that girl who is wearing the best outfit in the room…I’m the stressed one. Let’s just say, I never complained about getting her hand-me-downs when we were younger.

So, when I was home last, I went to lunch with her and I couldn’t NOT take a mini photoshoot of her Sunday afternoon look.

(She was recovering from a friend’s wedding, so she wouldn’t let me get her whole body, even though she was wearing her ADORABLE Ray-Ban eyeglasses.)

Cardigan: H&M (similar); Scarf: Target (similar options here and here; Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar here and on sale here; Purse: Zara (unavailable); Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Doesn’t she make it look so effortless?

Now you can understand where I learned how to mix my timeless pieces  (like Jane’s Alexis Bittar Bangle and simple gold necklace from our mom) with a Target scarf and make it look like a J.Crew ensemble.

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I found love in a stylish place

Today, I fell in love over my delicious cup of coffee and a Coldplay song. Yep, you heard me, love. As I was doing my morning routine of social networking and catching up on my emails (I sound busy, right?), I saw it. Staring at me dead in the eye. I couldn’t look away. 

$44 of pure love.

Find it here.

Now, as I’ve told you before, I’m not one to get out of my neutral comfort zone, or “The Gray Cloud”. I pretty much avoid anything other than solids that can’t be paired with everything else in my wardrobe. But right when I saw this beauty, I thought of quite a few items in my closet that would be complemented by this clutch. Call me crazy for wanting something so colorful and outrageously patterned and absolutely perfect for my personality.

But the real reason why I was soooo drawn by the bag…

it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy. 

Do you ever wonder where to find inexpensive clothes so that you can fake it too???

Before Pinterest hit the social media front, I always depended on Forever21 for my necessities on a low budget. Of course, I’m still loving my Forever21 purchases, but a semi-new e-shopping site has been discovered! has been a hidden secret of mine for quite sometime. I didn’t know if I should reveal the amazing site to many people. Especially since, in the past, that seems to happen and before you know it…everyone is wearing the same thing! But what I love most about Tobi is how much inventory they always have. And everyday, you can get emails about the latest weekly sales. 

Who couldn’t ask for a better email to receive every morning?!

Not to mention, every item on Tobi’s website has a hilarious name. Like that clutch I love so much? It’s called the Your Place or Mayan Clutch. Very punny, right?!

So go sign up…NOW! And use this link…. 

so both of us can get an extra discount off of a FAB outfit. 

Happy Thursday, fashionistas! 


Who What Wear Wednesday

Lauren Conrad is the these days. You can check her out in every magazine, all over Pinterest, and wearing her fabulous personal styles all around town. Lauren has def been one of my favs since the Laguna Beach era. She was always the charming best friend, who everybody loved.                        Except Kristin, of course.

Well, ever since I got her book, Style, 3 years ago, Lauren has totally been a fashion icon for me. From how to do your make-up for photos (since I hit the red carpet all the time) to figuring out what you should splurge on, she has the best tips for creating your own style and making it work for you. Every chapter was about a different section of your wardrobe and it told a different story. Lauren totally has a way of making you feel like you know her!


My all-time favorite look that Lauren rocks is her signature effortless one. No matter if its an oversized sweater and Chloe boots, or high-waisted shorts with a lightweight top and her Chanel purse, she always has a piece that ties it all together.





These looks are SO easy to match on a low-budget, you’ve just gotta look at the right places.

One of my go-to stores for slouchy sweaters is H&M. If you go right at the beginning of Fall, you can totally score lightweight essentials for layering. Since I’m in the South, and we don’t need thick wool kinds, I love a flowy, oversized assortment of tops to go with my leggings and boots.

And for all my Fake It girls….from the wise words of Lauren,

“sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more than you planned if it makes you feel special.”

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!


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Oh what a weekend….


From birthday party shenanigans, to happy hour with best friends, to a day party of fanny packs and waterslides, it was definitely a fun-filled weekend. Here’s a little glimpse at it all in pictures….

I’m obsessing over easy maxi dresses with a contrasting accessory, and these colors are TO DIE! 


I can’t ever get enough of an easy top with white jeans and my gold sandals from Old Navy…oh, and my Forever21 clutch. The perfect combination for happy hour!


Okay so maybe not my best look, but I had to show ya’ll my Saturday outfit. Don’t ya think it’s fanny pack-tastic? I’m never opposed to bringing back a 90s staple. I forgot how convenient these suckers are!

And what do you think my week has in store for me?

Well, other than this….


I’m gonna make some time for a little bit of DIY too…


I may or may not have gone a little crazy in the fabrics section of Hobby Lobby. Who can’t pass up cheap swatches?! (Pinterest has created a monster, ladies and gentlemen.)

Happy Sunday!


Minty Fresh

For some reason, I am a blue-colored girl through and through! I love a good royal blue, baby blue, teal, turquoise (of course), but my new-found love is definitely a minty blue. Some might argue that “mint” is considered a green. Well, I agree to an extent. The best thing about mint is that it comes in all different shades. I have a pair of mint shorts that seem to have more of a hint of green than blue. I’ll be sure to post them soon!

Well, I found this new mint/gray striped cardigan the other day and it couldn’t be more perfect! I’ve already worn it a couple of times and the compliments are endless. My favorite part about cardis is that you can wear them with any outfit and they seem to pull it all together, especially when they are a bold color. I thought the peach necklace complements the cardigan as well. What do you think??



Cardigan: TJMaxx; Tank: Bordeaux S Tank; Jeans: AG Jeans; Necklace: Forever 21 (similar); Purse: Forever 21; Sandals: Steve Madden (similar)

Happy Wednesday!

Pinterest: Making Everyone Crafty since 2010

If you’re anything like me, then you spend a TON of time browsing Pinterest, repinning yummy recipes and adorable crafts, but you never ACTUALLY do those things you obsess over. Well, I’ve begun to put a stop to the madness. Over the weekend, I was looking for something different to do on my days off of work. Of course, I went straight to my Pinterest app and began looking through my pins. Then suddenly it came to me….


I have never been a huge fan of jean shorts. I always thought they were too trendy, too common, and too short…or shorter than I prefer (as opposed to my beloved J. Crew Shorts found at the outlet…).

Well, I recently figured out that I thought all of these negative things because I hadn’t found some “jorts” that I actually liked. Since I am a girl who is usually more drawn to tailored clothing, I seem to completely turn away from any cut-offs or overly-distressed jean shorts. 

With this mindset, and my obsession with Pinterest, I decided to change my opinion of the trend. After finding the perfect tutorial (here), and deciding on a pair of Joe’s Jeans that I’ve had for 2 years (I bought them half-off!), I was ready to cut these suckers.Since the Joe’s were already a good dark wash with a slightly distressed finish, I knew they would make amazing shorts. And, because of the higher waist and bootcut of the silhouette, I hadn’t worn them as much as I wish I had. All good reasons to make more use out of them!  



I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about doing the actual cutting. As my stepmom watched over me to make sure I was cutting straight (I’m not the best at doing that), I created some of the best jean shorts I have ever seen, if I do say so myself.

Here are some of the steps….


First leg down…PHEW!


I had a little visitor…George wanted to help!


And VOILA! The perfect jorts for almost no money!

I had a lot of fun doing my first Pinterest-inspired project. I’m hoping that this first experience will create a lot more in the near future. So, stay tuned and….



Fake It Friday


For my very first Friday as an official blogger (yay!), I want to tell everyone about my favorite Fake It ’til You Make It story.

There’s close to nothing that I love more than my cross body bags. As a college girl, these snappy satchels are the most convenient way to store your money, ID, and lip gloss when you go anywhere. What more could you ask for?!

Over the years, my cross body bag collection has definitely expanded, but it didn’t start off as easily as it looks.

The summer before college, my boyfriend (Joseph) and I took a road trip to the Big Apple. I had never been before so I was super excited….especially about Chinatown! We made it there on our 3rd day in the city, and I was set on getting my hands on a “designer” bag. After walking through several shops and not finding anything that caught my eye, we were led into an upstairs attic which soon became a plethora of false brand name trinkets.


About 20 minutes went by and I decided on a black crossbody rendition of the classic quilted Chanel. I was ecstatic. The asking price was $40, but I didn’t want to settle on that. Thanks to the excellent finagling skills of my boyfriend, he got the price knocked halfway down and we were outta there. Hallelujah!

I can’t tell you how many times I wore that bag. I couldn’t take it off! A couple weeks later, I was off to college and I fit in perfectly with my “Chanel” purse.


This was back in my long hair/interesting style phase…

As expected, the life of my beloved bag came to an abrupt end when I was dancing a bit too outrageously at my very first pledge social (The theme song from Footloose was playing…I couldn’t resist myself from doing the signature dance from the movie!). The strap completely broke and I was devastated. My fake designer cross body bag was donzo.

But no fear! The next Christmas, Joseph surprised me with something even better than the Chanel lookalike (didn’t think it could happen!)….the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Percy Crossbody Bag. I was OBSESSED (and I still am!). Black with gold hardware…my fave! This sucker definitely holds up through all of my awesome dance moves.


It’s a great bag for nights out and at Summer festivals with my friends!


It’s a go-to purse for me on game days too!

 Three years later, this bag is still going strong! I sure did love that fake Chanel crossbody, but not as much as I love my Marc Jacobs. This proves that fakin’ it ’til you make it is totally worth it!

Have a great weekend!


Hello world!

Hi ya’ll!

I cannot believe I’m finally blogging; this must mean my laziness is fading (doubtful)! Until I get used to the editing and formatting of this quirky site, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself…

I have always had an obsession with style and what people can do with it. Growing up in Atlanta, I have seen the best styles. The problem (or advantage) is that I don’t have the budget that many of those amazing stylistas do. Ever since I began working in retail 3 years ago, my personal style began to develop. Although I work in an upscale activewear boutique–and I have tended to choose Forever 21 over Neiman Marcus–it has given me the chance to figure out ways to mix my $15 tops with $100 leggings.

This blog is for me to share my tips with those fashionistas who struggle like I do. I constantly see outfits in magazines and on Pinterest that I’d kill for, but the truth is that I can’t bring myself to go into debt over a pair of heels (sorry for the honesty). What I like to do is plan.

I strategically plan so that I spend the least amount of money while working towards a FAB wardrobe! For example, my oversized, Michael Kors gold watch took an entire year of waiting (and wearing a knock-off) until I ordered it for my Christmas present from my mom. Yes, I order my presents…sometimes a girl’s gotta do what she can for fashion’s sake. With the help of this little accessory, an entire outfit under $50 can look like over $300. You think I’m kidding? Just wait until you see pictures (still to come).

In a nutshell, I’m a simple sorority girl, majoring in PR and getting by with a great job in fashion and a small bank statement. I do my best with what I have and what I can get to be the as stylish as possible. Enjoy!