Not So Plain Jane

I’m so happy to be able to feature my very own sister and style role model for this edition of

Who What Wear Wednesday!

As I’ve said before, Jane has definitely taught me everything I know about shopping on a dime…or a penny.  Not to mention, she has the BEST style out of everyone I know. You think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

You know those people who are always dressed perfectly for the occasion, when you stress out about what to wear for AGES and you’re still not confident about your outfit? Yeah, well. Jane is that girl who is wearing the best outfit in the room…I’m the stressed one. Let’s just say, I never complained about getting her hand-me-downs when we were younger.

So, when I was home last, I went to lunch with her and I couldn’t NOT take a mini photoshoot of her Sunday afternoon look.

(She was recovering from a friend’s wedding, so she wouldn’t let me get her whole body, even though she was wearing her ADORABLE Ray-Ban eyeglasses.)

Cardigan: H&M (similar); Scarf: Target (similar options here and here; Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar here and on sale here; Purse: Zara (unavailable); Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Doesn’t she make it look so effortless?

Now you can understand where I learned how to mix my timeless pieces  (like Jane’s Alexis Bittar Bangle and simple gold necklace from our mom) with a Target scarf and make it look like a J.Crew ensemble.

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Who What Wear Wednesday

Lauren Conrad is the these days. You can check her out in every magazine, all over Pinterest, and wearing her fabulous personal styles all around town. Lauren has def been one of my favs since the Laguna Beach era. She was always the charming best friend, who everybody loved.                        Except Kristin, of course.

Well, ever since I got her book, Style, 3 years ago, Lauren has totally been a fashion icon for me. From how to do your make-up for photos (since I hit the red carpet all the time) to figuring out what you should splurge on, she has the best tips for creating your own style and making it work for you. Every chapter was about a different section of your wardrobe and it told a different story. Lauren totally has a way of making you feel like you know her!


My all-time favorite look that Lauren rocks is her signature effortless one. No matter if its an oversized sweater and Chloe boots, or high-waisted shorts with a lightweight top and her Chanel purse, she always has a piece that ties it all together.





These looks are SO easy to match on a low-budget, you’ve just gotta look at the right places.

One of my go-to stores for slouchy sweaters is H&M. If you go right at the beginning of Fall, you can totally score lightweight essentials for layering. Since I’m in the South, and we don’t need thick wool kinds, I love a flowy, oversized assortment of tops to go with my leggings and boots.

And for all my Fake It girls….from the wise words of Lauren,

“sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more than you planned if it makes you feel special.”

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!


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Channeling my inner Audrey

is, by far, one of the most influential fashion gurus in my life. Even before cigarette pants were trendy, I have always loved a good simple top, skinny trousers, and flats ensemble.

So, for my inaugural “Who What Wear Wednesday” post, I thought it was only appropriate to feature one of my favorite fashionable women of all time. Audrey’s signature look is known all over the world, and she is definitely famous for her fabulous sense of style. But, I think that she has been even more influential through her words and actions.

If you check out my Pinterest, you will see many of Audrey’s pictures and quotes on there. Some are lighthearted, others are a funny take on life, and many are very powerful. Through her humanitarian legacy, Audrey has managed to encourage women to be strong and confident, as well as beautiful from the inside out. Which I think is the most important aspect of being a fashionista.

Here are a few of my personal favorite quotes from Audrey…

Is it through your wardrobe or your actions? I hope to someday be half the person that Audrey was…until then, I love my Audrey-inspired ensembles.

Top: BDG White V-Neck Tee from Urban Outfitters (similar); Bottoms: BDG Cigarette Black Jeans, Leopard Scarf (similar), Christian Louboutin Royal Blue Flats (look for less and even less); Gold jewelry (shocker, I know).