Fallin’ for Fashion

Well, everyone. Monday marks a new month and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Although Fall officially started last Saturday, the weather down here in South Georgia hasn’t quite changed seasons. And it probably won’t happen until maybe November. But, in my book, once October begins, so does Fall fashion.

So, the question is,

how do you sport the Fall looks you love on Pinterest without overheating in the too-warm of weather?

Of course I’m gonna say easy cardigans and light scarves with dark wash jeans and flats are a great go-to.

But let’s change it up, shall we?

When I was home in Atlanta last weekend, I was able to ditch my big sorority tshirts and running shorts for my work attire at Atlanta Activewear. I love working there because I allow myself to try new ways of wearing my clothes. And I have to keep up with the trendiest boss ever.

Friday called for some coral and bling. So I used some Pinspiration (get it?)…

from here

….and made it my own….

I’m sorry for this bluntness. But I’m obsessed with this Tobi top (similar here and here). I finally found a good button down blouse that is light weight and just easy breezy. And paired with some statement jewelry, like my Golden Stella necklace that I got from Americas Mart this past July ($10, baby!). My secret to making this inexpensive top look a tad nicer is simply pairing it with designer jeans and patent flats. Can’t forget the gold arm candy!

Jeans: AG Jeans The Legging; Flats: Steve Madden (similar here)

I love loose and flowy tops with skinnies; it’s easily my favorite look of all time. And the secret to pulling it off is definitely making sure that everything is balanced. I’d say this outfit COULD pass as a J.Crew lookalike, no?

What’s your favorite look for this transitional time between seasons?

Have a great weekend!


Fakin’ It…College Style

For anyone who has ever been in college, you know that Thursday is the beginning of the weekend. Some schools might be different, but for mine, Thursday is probably the most popular night to go out to parties, bars, or whatever your friends might be doing.

WELL since being older…wiser…and more tired from harder classes, Thursday night partying is not my thing anymore. To live through the younger ones in my sorority, I stopped by a house full of little Chi O’s just to say hey last night.

And I’m glad I did….

Due to her silliness, the “model” wished to remain anonymous.

Don’t you wish you had her hair? #totesphenom

Okay so I haven’t been able to get on the patterned-wedge bandwagon…

but I’ve made an exception for these bad boys.

And that’s how you put together an outfit under $100 without trying too hard at all. It’s the perfect transition outfit from Summer to Fall. All it takes is a sheer coral blouse from Dress Up Boutique (similar here), a pair of American Eagle skinnies, and some outrageously amazing wedges (also from Dress Up, but similar here).

Happy Fake It Friday, ladies!

Fake It Friday


For my very first Friday as an official blogger (yay!), I want to tell everyone about my favorite Fake It ’til You Make It story.

There’s close to nothing that I love more than my cross body bags. As a college girl, these snappy satchels are the most convenient way to store your money, ID, and lip gloss when you go anywhere. What more could you ask for?!

Over the years, my cross body bag collection has definitely expanded, but it didn’t start off as easily as it looks.

The summer before college, my boyfriend (Joseph) and I took a road trip to the Big Apple. I had never been before so I was super excited….especially about Chinatown! We made it there on our 3rd day in the city, and I was set on getting my hands on a “designer” bag. After walking through several shops and not finding anything that caught my eye, we were led into an upstairs attic which soon became a plethora of false brand name trinkets.


About 20 minutes went by and I decided on a black crossbody rendition of the classic quilted Chanel. I was ecstatic. The asking price was $40, but I didn’t want to settle on that. Thanks to the excellent finagling skills of my boyfriend, he got the price knocked halfway down and we were outta there. Hallelujah!

I can’t tell you how many times I wore that bag. I couldn’t take it off! A couple weeks later, I was off to college and I fit in perfectly with my “Chanel” purse.


This was back in my long hair/interesting style phase…

As expected, the life of my beloved bag came to an abrupt end when I was dancing a bit too outrageously at my very first pledge social (The theme song from Footloose was playing…I couldn’t resist myself from doing the signature dance from the movie!). The strap completely broke and I was devastated. My fake designer cross body bag was donzo.

But no fear! The next Christmas, Joseph surprised me with something even better than the Chanel lookalike (didn’t think it could happen!)….the Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Percy Crossbody Bag. I was OBSESSED (and I still am!). Black with gold hardware…my fave! This sucker definitely holds up through all of my awesome dance moves.


It’s a great bag for nights out and at Summer festivals with my friends!


It’s a go-to purse for me on game days too!

 Three years later, this bag is still going strong! I sure did love that fake Chanel crossbody, but not as much as I love my Marc Jacobs. This proves that fakin’ it ’til you make it is totally worth it!

Have a great weekend!