Rain, rain go away

With Hurricane Isaac making its way up to Valdosta, the weather couldn’t be worse here. I can hardly breathe with all the humidity and the rain comes from out of no where. But, if you know anything about weather in South Georgia, this is relatively normal.

So, I’ve had to do some things to keep me occupied while I’m inside all the time. Between my homework and sorority stuff, I try to make as much time to myself as possible. Which means sneaking on Pinterest whenever I get the chance.

With all this heat, I’m desperately longing to wear my Fall clothes. As much as I love Summer and the style that comes with it, nothing beats an oversized sweater, skinny jeans, and flats with a great scarf. It’s the easiest way to look chic while still being comfortable. Unfortunately for me, Fall in South Georgia normally doesn’t reach us until about November. But maybe it’ll come earlier for us this year! A girl can dream.

Here are some of my current faves for Fall…

I hope everyone in the South stays safe while this storm passes…

Happy Wednesday!

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Who What Wear Wednesday

Lauren Conrad is the bomb.com these days. You can check her out in every magazine, all over Pinterest, and wearing her fabulous personal styles all around town. Lauren has def been one of my favs since the Laguna Beach era. She was always the charming best friend, who everybody loved.                        Except Kristin, of course.

Well, ever since I got her book, Style, 3 years ago, Lauren has totally been a fashion icon for me. From how to do your make-up for photos (since I hit the red carpet all the time) to figuring out what you should splurge on, she has the best tips for creating your own style and making it work for you. Every chapter was about a different section of your wardrobe and it told a different story. Lauren totally has a way of making you feel like you know her!


My all-time favorite look that Lauren rocks is her signature effortless one. No matter if its an oversized sweater and Chloe boots, or high-waisted shorts with a lightweight top and her Chanel purse, she always has a piece that ties it all together.





These looks are SO easy to match on a low-budget, you’ve just gotta look at the right places.

One of my go-to stores for slouchy sweaters is H&M. If you go right at the beginning of Fall, you can totally score lightweight essentials for layering. Since I’m in the South, and we don’t need thick wool kinds, I love a flowy, oversized assortment of tops to go with my leggings and boots.

And for all my Fake It girls….from the wise words of Lauren,

“sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more than you planned if it makes you feel special.”

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!


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Oh what a weekend….


From birthday party shenanigans, to happy hour with best friends, to a day party of fanny packs and waterslides, it was definitely a fun-filled weekend. Here’s a little glimpse at it all in pictures….

I’m obsessing over easy maxi dresses with a contrasting accessory, and these colors are TO DIE! 


I can’t ever get enough of an easy top with white jeans and my gold sandals from Old Navy…oh, and my Forever21 clutch. The perfect combination for happy hour!


Okay so maybe not my best look, but I had to show ya’ll my Saturday outfit. Don’t ya think it’s fanny pack-tastic? I’m never opposed to bringing back a 90s staple. I forgot how convenient these suckers are!

And what do you think my week has in store for me?

Well, other than this….


I’m gonna make some time for a little bit of DIY too…


I may or may not have gone a little crazy in the fabrics section of Hobby Lobby. Who can’t pass up cheap swatches?! (Pinterest has created a monster, ladies and gentlemen.)

Happy Sunday!


She’s baaaaackkk (que applause)

Okay so I’ve been completely and utterly MIA. If you’ve seen my Twitter and Facebook at all, you’d know how busy I’ve been since I’ve gotten back to school. From moving back into my house, to FINALLY getting some R&R by the pool, to rush, to more rush, and starting school, my life has been a teensy bit hectic. But no worries, I’m back and ready to blog! After all, with a hoarse voice and an achy body, there’s not much more I can do than lay on the couch with my laptop.

Ohhh what a terrible way to spend my time…tehehe

Anyway, wanna see a little somethin’ I crafted all by myself??? I didn’t even use Pinterest for this one. As I was perusing the aisles at my local Goodwill, I found this sucker….

Doesn’t look like much, eh? Well……

Step1: Spray paint the frame with a shiny color.

Step 2: Spray paint the cardboard backing with the color of choice (I chose the main color in my bedspread).

Step 3: Turn frame over and glue the edges of the lace to the back.

And…VOILA! You’ve got yourself a good-lookin’ jewelry holder for under 5 bucks.

That’s simple, shabby, and chic if you ask me!

I decided to use clear tacks to hold the bracelets. I’m pretty proud of my creative spirit! It didn’t take much time and didn’t hurt my bank account either. Total win-win!

Wanna see another gem I found at Goodwill?

Not too shabby for under a buck!

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll! I promise that I won’t disappear ever again 🙂