Channeling my inner Audrey

is, by far, one of the most influential fashion gurus in my life. Even before cigarette pants were trendy, I have always loved a good simple top, skinny trousers, and flats ensemble.

So, for my inaugural “Who What Wear Wednesday” post, I thought it was only appropriate to feature one of my favorite fashionable women of all time. Audrey’s signature look is known all over the world, and she is definitely famous for her fabulous sense of style. But, I think that she has been even more influential through her words and actions.

If you check out my Pinterest, you will see many of Audrey’s pictures and quotes on there. Some are lighthearted, others are a funny take on life, and many are very powerful. Through her humanitarian legacy, Audrey has managed to encourage women to be strong and confident, as well as beautiful from the inside out. Which I think is the most important aspect of being a fashionista.

Here are a few of my personal favorite quotes from Audrey…

Is it through your wardrobe or your actions? I hope to someday be half the person that Audrey was…until then, I love my Audrey-inspired ensembles.

Top: BDG White V-Neck Tee from Urban Outfitters (similar); Bottoms: BDG Cigarette Black Jeans, Leopard Scarf (similar), Christian Louboutin Royal Blue Flats (look for less and even less); Gold jewelry (shocker, I know).