What are you thankful for?

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving weekend. Last week was a little crazy for me between a 50-page research paper, another paper, and traveling home for the holiday weekend.

BUT I didn’t forget about y’all.

This week, I’d like to show you the family members who have inspired my love for fashion, as well as who my role models are…

I’ve featured my sister before, so y’all know how much I loooove her clothes. Well on Thanksgiving, she was wearing these AWESOME burgundy and black python jeans from Urban Outfitters that she found on sale for only 30$. Such a steal. She paired the pants perfectly with a basic black satin top from Banana Republic (similar at Tobi), black patent flats (on Gilt) and her Tory Burch ‘Amanda’ Leather Hobo  (which I’d kill for).

She found those sunglasses for $10 at H&M. So chic. (similar here) 

The next woman of my family who I’m SO thankful for is my grandmother, Florence. We call her Sugar. She is originally from Mississippi, and grew up in Atlanta. She also attended UGA where she was a Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delt), so she and Jane are actually sorority sisters! Too cute, right?

Well, she looked PHENOMENAL at Thanksgiving. She chose to wear an all black ensemble from Chico’s (loose black pants and top), with a white, gray, and black sweater to go over it. STUNNING! And so flattering.

And you can’t forget the jewelry. Sugar always knows how to accessorize. I just love how trendy she is!

Now you can totally see where I’ve gotten my love for fashion. And, there’s a lot more trendy women in my family where that came from! I’ll try to rustle up some pictures from Thanksgiving for y’all.

I hope y’all are having a great week, and you’re not too tired from all that turkey! I just love the holidays and all the fashions that come with them.


Vloggin’ and Stylin’

I finally got up the nerve to film my very first VLOG! I’m so excited about it. After reading my blog post about how much I love football game days, you know it’s one of my favorite times of year. Here’s a little glimpse at SEC gameday style at the UGA/Auburn Game this past weekend.

I was a little nervous (if you can’t tell), but I hope you enjoy it!

What’s your favorite thing about football game days?

LumberJane Style 101

Alright. I’ve tried to avoid the flannel trend for a few years now. I always loved the way fashionable girls looked in the oversized buttondowns, but I didn’t think it was quite my style to wear plaid.

I would see MK and Ashley rocking the oversized ones…

And girls on Pinterest looking so cool…


But once I found an amazing deal in the young men’s section of Kohl’s the other day, I’m a changed girl. Not only is the buttondown the softest thing ever, it is also the perfect amount of warmth for the up-and-down temperatures in Valdosta.

After some debate about which plaid color I should get, I decided on red. It’s the classic color, it goes with a lot, and I need more red in my life. Especially since  the Gray Cloud is in full effect right now (I’m a sucker for a good gray sweater!).

Go ahead. Call me Lumberjane. I’m proud of my new purchase. And for $17, you would be too. I paired it with my chunky, grey cable knit circle scarf from Festivity, jeans from Forever21, and my fav Steve Madden boots.

I was so warm and cozy while I was in class all day. With the size large flannel, it was like I had my pajamas on. Heaven.

I wonder which color I’ll get next….

I hope ya’ll had a fun and safe Halloween!

Saturdays Down South

There’s not much that beats a Southern Saturday during football season. Fun times with friends, the delicious cocktails, and the OUTFITS!

This past weekend was our Homecoming game, which means that everyone (even the guys) dress in their finest of game day attire. Many girls think this is a time to spend extra dollars on a dress that is screaming red and black. Well, sorry to burst that expensive bubble…I opted for my roommate’s Forever 21 little black dress (no longer available but still adorable).

It had a conservative front, with a slightly open back. And check out my friends’ outfits. Total Target, Tobi, and Forever 21 madness!

Not that there was a style competition or anything, but I totally think these girls’ matching dresses win the Fake It Award! What do you think?

Dress: Tobi; Bauble Necklace: Basically everywhere, but Etsy is a great site for them!

Chevron and baubles…so trendy. Don’t forget the red lipstick!

How do you dress for your school’s game day?

I’m headed to Auburn this weekend, so I gotta trade out my red and black for orange and blue…and I’m loving this look. Do you???

War Eagle!

Not So Plain Jane

I’m so happy to be able to feature my very own sister and style role model for this edition of

Who What Wear Wednesday!

As I’ve said before, Jane has definitely taught me everything I know about shopping on a dime…or a penny.  Not to mention, she has the BEST style out of everyone I know. You think I’m exaggerating? Think again.

You know those people who are always dressed perfectly for the occasion, when you stress out about what to wear for AGES and you’re still not confident about your outfit? Yeah, well. Jane is that girl who is wearing the best outfit in the room…I’m the stressed one. Let’s just say, I never complained about getting her hand-me-downs when we were younger.

So, when I was home last, I went to lunch with her and I couldn’t NOT take a mini photoshoot of her Sunday afternoon look.

(She was recovering from a friend’s wedding, so she wouldn’t let me get her whole body, even though she was wearing her ADORABLE Ray-Ban eyeglasses.)

Cardigan: H&M (similar); Scarf: Target (similar options here and here; Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar here and on sale here; Purse: Zara (unavailable); Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Doesn’t she make it look so effortless?

Now you can understand where I learned how to mix my timeless pieces  (like Jane’s Alexis Bittar Bangle and simple gold necklace from our mom) with a Target scarf and make it look like a J.Crew ensemble.

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Fallin’ for Fashion

Well, everyone. Monday marks a new month and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Although Fall officially started last Saturday, the weather down here in South Georgia hasn’t quite changed seasons. And it probably won’t happen until maybe November. But, in my book, once October begins, so does Fall fashion.

So, the question is,

how do you sport the Fall looks you love on Pinterest without overheating in the too-warm of weather?

Of course I’m gonna say easy cardigans and light scarves with dark wash jeans and flats are a great go-to.

But let’s change it up, shall we?

When I was home in Atlanta last weekend, I was able to ditch my big sorority tshirts and running shorts for my work attire at Atlanta Activewear. I love working there because I allow myself to try new ways of wearing my clothes. And I have to keep up with the trendiest boss ever.

Friday called for some coral and bling. So I used some Pinspiration (get it?)…

from here

….and made it my own….

I’m sorry for this bluntness. But I’m obsessed with this Tobi top (similar here and here). I finally found a good button down blouse that is light weight and just easy breezy. And paired with some statement jewelry, like my Golden Stella necklace that I got from Americas Mart this past July ($10, baby!). My secret to making this inexpensive top look a tad nicer is simply pairing it with designer jeans and patent flats. Can’t forget the gold arm candy!

Jeans: AG Jeans The Legging; Flats: Steve Madden (similar here)

I love loose and flowy tops with skinnies; it’s easily my favorite look of all time. And the secret to pulling it off is definitely making sure that everything is balanced. I’d say this outfit COULD pass as a J.Crew lookalike, no?

What’s your favorite look for this transitional time between seasons?

Have a great weekend!

Fakin’ It…College Style

For anyone who has ever been in college, you know that Thursday is the beginning of the weekend. Some schools might be different, but for mine, Thursday is probably the most popular night to go out to parties, bars, or whatever your friends might be doing.

WELL since being older…wiser…and more tired from harder classes, Thursday night partying is not my thing anymore. To live through the younger ones in my sorority, I stopped by a house full of little Chi O’s just to say hey last night.

And I’m glad I did….

Due to her silliness, the “model” wished to remain anonymous.

Don’t you wish you had her hair? #totesphenom

Okay so I haven’t been able to get on the patterned-wedge bandwagon…

but I’ve made an exception for these bad boys.

And that’s how you put together an outfit under $100 without trying too hard at all. It’s the perfect transition outfit from Summer to Fall. All it takes is a sheer coral blouse from Dress Up Boutique (similar here), a pair of American Eagle skinnies, and some outrageously amazing wedges (also from Dress Up, but similar here).

Happy Fake It Friday, ladies!

I found love in a stylish place

Today, I fell in love over my delicious cup of coffee and a Coldplay song. Yep, you heard me, love. As I was doing my morning routine of social networking and catching up on my emails (I sound busy, right?), I saw it. Staring at me dead in the eye. I couldn’t look away. 

$44 of pure love.

Find it here.

Now, as I’ve told you before, I’m not one to get out of my neutral comfort zone, or “The Gray Cloud”. I pretty much avoid anything other than solids that can’t be paired with everything else in my wardrobe. But right when I saw this beauty, I thought of quite a few items in my closet that would be complemented by this clutch. Call me crazy for wanting something so colorful and outrageously patterned and absolutely perfect for my personality.

But the real reason why I was soooo drawn by the bag…

it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy. 

Do you ever wonder where to find inexpensive clothes so that you can fake it too???

Before Pinterest hit the social media front, I always depended on Forever21 for my necessities on a low budget. Of course, I’m still loving my Forever21 purchases, but a semi-new e-shopping site has been discovered! Tobi.com has been a hidden secret of mine for quite sometime. I didn’t know if I should reveal the amazing site to many people. Especially since, in the past, that seems to happen and before you know it…everyone is wearing the same thing! But what I love most about Tobi is how much inventory they always have. And everyday, you can get emails about the latest weekly sales. 

Who couldn’t ask for a better email to receive every morning?!

Not to mention, every item on Tobi’s website has a hilarious name. Like that clutch I love so much? It’s called the Your Place or Mayan Clutch. Very punny, right?!

So go sign up…NOW! And use this link….


so both of us can get an extra discount off of a FAB outfit. 

Happy Thursday, fashionistas! 


Rain, rain go away

With Hurricane Isaac making its way up to Valdosta, the weather couldn’t be worse here. I can hardly breathe with all the humidity and the rain comes from out of no where. But, if you know anything about weather in South Georgia, this is relatively normal.

So, I’ve had to do some things to keep me occupied while I’m inside all the time. Between my homework and sorority stuff, I try to make as much time to myself as possible. Which means sneaking on Pinterest whenever I get the chance.

With all this heat, I’m desperately longing to wear my Fall clothes. As much as I love Summer and the style that comes with it, nothing beats an oversized sweater, skinny jeans, and flats with a great scarf. It’s the easiest way to look chic while still being comfortable. Unfortunately for me, Fall in South Georgia normally doesn’t reach us until about November. But maybe it’ll come earlier for us this year! A girl can dream.

Here are some of my current faves for Fall…

I hope everyone in the South stays safe while this storm passes…

Happy Wednesday!

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Who What Wear Wednesday

Lauren Conrad is the bomb.com these days. You can check her out in every magazine, all over Pinterest, and wearing her fabulous personal styles all around town. Lauren has def been one of my favs since the Laguna Beach era. She was always the charming best friend, who everybody loved.                        Except Kristin, of course.

Well, ever since I got her book, Style, 3 years ago, Lauren has totally been a fashion icon for me. From how to do your make-up for photos (since I hit the red carpet all the time) to figuring out what you should splurge on, she has the best tips for creating your own style and making it work for you. Every chapter was about a different section of your wardrobe and it told a different story. Lauren totally has a way of making you feel like you know her!


My all-time favorite look that Lauren rocks is her signature effortless one. No matter if its an oversized sweater and Chloe boots, or high-waisted shorts with a lightweight top and her Chanel purse, she always has a piece that ties it all together.





These looks are SO easy to match on a low-budget, you’ve just gotta look at the right places.

One of my go-to stores for slouchy sweaters is H&M. If you go right at the beginning of Fall, you can totally score lightweight essentials for layering. Since I’m in the South, and we don’t need thick wool kinds, I love a flowy, oversized assortment of tops to go with my leggings and boots.

And for all my Fake It girls….from the wise words of Lauren,

“sometimes it’s okay to spend a little more than you planned if it makes you feel special.”

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!


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