I found love in a stylish place

Today, I fell in love over my delicious cup of coffee and a Coldplay song. Yep, you heard me, love. As I was doing my morning routine of social networking and catching up on my emails (I sound busy, right?), I saw it. Staring at me dead in the eye. I couldn’t look away. 

$44 of pure love.

Find it here.

Now, as I’ve told you before, I’m not one to get out of my neutral comfort zone, or “The Gray Cloud”. I pretty much avoid anything other than solids that can’t be paired with everything else in my wardrobe. But right when I saw this beauty, I thought of quite a few items in my closet that would be complemented by this clutch. Call me crazy for wanting something so colorful and outrageously patterned and absolutely perfect for my personality.

But the real reason why I was soooo drawn by the bag…

it wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg to buy. 

Do you ever wonder where to find inexpensive clothes so that you can fake it too???

Before Pinterest hit the social media front, I always depended on Forever21 for my necessities on a low budget. Of course, I’m still loving my Forever21 purchases, but a semi-new e-shopping site has been discovered! Tobi.com has been a hidden secret of mine for quite sometime. I didn’t know if I should reveal the amazing site to many people. Especially since, in the past, that seems to happen and before you know it…everyone is wearing the same thing! But what I love most about Tobi is how much inventory they always have. And everyday, you can get emails about the latest weekly sales. 

Who couldn’t ask for a better email to receive every morning?!

Not to mention, every item on Tobi’s website has a hilarious name. Like that clutch I love so much? It’s called the Your Place or Mayan Clutch. Very punny, right?!

So go sign up…NOW! And use this link….


so both of us can get an extra discount off of a FAB outfit. 

Happy Thursday, fashionistas! 



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