Oh what a weekend….


From birthday party shenanigans, to happy hour with best friends, to a day party of fanny packs and waterslides, it was definitely a fun-filled weekend. Here’s a little glimpse at it all in pictures….

I’m obsessing over easy maxi dresses with a contrasting accessory, and these colors are TO DIE! 


I can’t ever get enough of an easy top with white jeans and my gold sandals from Old Navy…oh, and my Forever21 clutch. The perfect combination for happy hour!


Okay so maybe not my best look, but I had to show ya’ll my Saturday outfit. Don’t ya think it’s fanny pack-tastic? I’m never opposed to bringing back a 90s staple. I forgot how convenient these suckers are!

And what do you think my week has in store for me?

Well, other than this….


I’m gonna make some time for a little bit of DIY too…


I may or may not have gone a little crazy in the fabrics section of Hobby Lobby. Who can’t pass up cheap swatches?! (Pinterest has created a monster, ladies and gentlemen.)

Happy Sunday!



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