Think Pink

For some reason, I always find myself buying neutral colors. My closet is full of blacks, whites, and grays. Yes, I have random spurts of color throughout, but not enough.


Luckily, I’ve admitted to my problem and I’m moving forward. The other day I decided to step out of my comfort zone of neutrals that I’ve nicknamed the Gray Cloud and I got a MAGENTA summer scarf from Atlanta Activewear.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am totally and completely obsessed with my scarf collection–from wool scarves, to circle scarves, to pattern scarves…you name it, I got it! I don’t fool around when it comes to my pashminas.

I unveiled my newest addition yesterday and decided to pair the summer scarf with some neutrals (shocker, right?). The Vivante scarf worked perfectly with my Zara white jeans, S Tank by Bordeaux, and Steve Madden nude flats. I double-cuffed my jeans to add a little something extra to the bottom of my outfit.



No matter what I wear, I always have at least 2 pieces of gold jewelry on me—okay, it’s not all REAL gold, but it looks like it, right? My go-to gold necklace is the Signature Clover Necklace by Stella and Dot. My mom surprised me with this gem for Christmas after seeing me constantly wear gold necklaces from Forever 21.This was definitely an upgrade!

The ultimate goal for my golden collection is the Cartier Love Bracelet (I know…it’s amazing). But, until that dream comes true, I absolutely LOVE my gold bangle from Kate Spade. It’s simple, elegant, and it has an adorable inscription on the inside saying “As Good As Gold”. Looks like the real deal, huh? Plus, it pairs perfectly with my Michael Kors gold watch.


And I can’t get enough of my Deepa Gurnani headband–it matches everything and adds a little sparkle to my blonde ‘do.


So if you’re stuck in the Gray Cloud, too, definitely consider thinking pink! It adds an extra level of spunk to any outfit.



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